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G3 Property Management LLC offers large tree limbing and removal for residential neighborhood properties, commercial business properties, and public properties in and near Gadsden, Anniston/Oxford, Centre, and Fort Payne. Reach out today for your free estimate!

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We specialize in all types of lawn and landscape services. We serve Etowah, Calhoun, Cherokee, and Dekalb Counties in Alabama.

Your Local Tree Service Professionals

Are you looking for a tree cutting or removal company to help cut down a tree within your residential or commercial property?

We understand that tree felling is a complex process that you should leave to professional tree removal companies. At G3 Property Management LLC, we specialize in tree cutting and removal. As a locally-owned tree removal company, we have the necessary skills and experience to navigate the tree felling and stump removal process. You can trust us to deliver a solution if you need a qualified partner for tree trimming and emergency services.

Our Tree Cutting and Removal Services

We have the equipment and experience to remove large and dangerous trees as well as major storm damage cleanup. Our tree services consist of the following:

Bush Trimming

Many homeowners avoid tree and bush trimming and tree pruning because they fear they may damage the plants, yet these are essential elements of tree care. If you are in this group, we can assure you that we understand, and better still, we have a solution. The bush trimming experts at G3 Property Management LLC know exactly what your trees need and can help you achieve healthy trees.

Tree Limbing and Bucking

Limbing and bucking are activities that require special skills. For example, when bucking, the length of the resulting log will depend on the tree species and the intended final product.

These two activities require the intervention of a tree removal service, as only experts understand the process involved. We facilitate the limbing and bucking process so you can have peace of mind.

Bush and Tree Removal

While bushes and trees add to the beauty of a landscape and play a crucial role in an ecosystem, they may eventually become unwanted. Some scenarios that may lead to the need for removal include sick, overgrown, or dead trees.

We also offer emergency tree services to our clients. We can offer emergency removal if you have experienced fallen trees interrupting power lines on your property.

We are seasoned professionals with the necessary tree-cutting tools and equipment to help us remove trees and stumps.

Storm Damage Cleanup

Our storm damage cleanup service can help you clean up your home after disasters such as floods, tornadoes, and hurricanes. Our team of storm restoration experts will help you get your life back together post-tragedy at a friendly cost.

Brush and Timber Hauling

Is your yard full of brush after a storm? Do you plan to cut a series of trees but have no idea how you will haul them?

Whatever your situation, we are here for you. We serve home and business owners by removing any debris, including big and small trees and brush.

When You’ll Need Our Tree Services

You will need tree service when the trees in your surrounding area are no longer serving their purpose. For example, the tree may be experiencing internal decay and other structural problems. In other cases, the tree may have grown too large and now poses a danger to the infrastructure and people in the area. Additionally, the tree may be in the way of a project, and the best way to move forward would be to cut it down. Finally, the tree may be old and dying, and leaving it standing would be dangerous to people and surroundings.

Call G3 Property Management LLC

Whether you need a small tree cut or need fallen tree removal, we are the experts to contact. If you are worried about the cost, we are glad to report that our emergency tree removal service is cost-effective. We keep the tree removal cost low and work with your insurance company because we believe our clients should not have to choose between breaking the bank and affordable service. Reach out to us today with your project.